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CocoaPods 0.34

TL;DR: CocoaPods 0.34 which includes the work sponsored by SoundCloud has been released. The highlights? Support for scoping Pods per build configuration, declaration of source repositories, and faster downloads.

This release will require making changes to your Podfiles

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pod lib create v2

pod lib create has been our way of trying to encourage standards, and to make it easy to create a new library. Before today it would leave a lot of setup at the developer's discretion. The new version automates a lot of common problems away and starts you with a new library structure. Read on for details.

Or just go straight to the Using Pod Lib Create guide.

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Pod Roulette Hackathon SF Summary

Last Saturday we ran the first CocoaPods hackathon with a great turn out especially considering post-WWDC tiredness.

We ran it based on Pod Roulette, and surprisingly most projects stayed true to the theme. We assigned each team three random Pods which needed to be used in their projects, adding additional Pods was fine, but you had to use each randomly assigned Pod in some fashion.

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Stripe's Open Source Retreat

Today, I am beyond excited to announce that I will be working full-time on CocoaPods this autumn, courtesy of Stripe's Open Source Retreat.

For three months, in addition to my normal work on CocoaPods, I will be working to write a reference implementation of an iterative dependency resolver that will be shared by CocoaPods and Bundler (and available to any developer that wants to use it). As part of the project, I will also be writing a language-agnostic test suite to help standardize behavior across different implementations of resolvers.

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Pod Roulette Hackathon - San Francisco - 7th June 2014

Have you heard of pod-roulette? If not, here's their elevator pitch:

Just moved to the big city, got a seed investment but don't have an idea what to do next?

Pod Roulette will find three random pods and prepare a project for you in a few seconds.

After seeing this project, we knew that there should be a hackathon using this.

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CocoaPods 0.33

TL;DR: CocoaPods 0.33 has been released. It is shiny and brings a huge change for our community… the support for CocoaPods Trunk.

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Claim Your Pods

Today we are introducing the ‘Trunk’ web-service. An awesome new way for podspec authors to submit their libraries to the master specs repository. For authors who have previously had push access the workflow should be very similar using the pod push subcommand. For more information on the ‘Trunk’ web-service itself, see the previous blog post.

Along with these changes we are adding a hierarchy of ownership to submitted podspecs. This way library maintainers will have complete control over submissions of their specs to the master repo.

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CocoaPods Trunk

After a year of architecture design and hard work, we are proud to introduce the ‘Trunk’ web-service, which will dramatically improve the user-experience of podspec publishers.

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