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Pod Authors Guide to CocoaPods Frameworks

TL;DR: CocoaPods 0.36 will bring the long-awaited support for Frameworks and Swift. It isn't released and considered stable yet, but a beta is now available for everyone via [sudo] gem install cocoapods --pre. Pod authors will especially want to try this version to make sure their pods will work with the upcoming release. This is because if a single dependency in a user's project requires being a framework, then your Pod will also become a framework.

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CocoaPods is a reflection on the Cocoa community, a mirror that reflects the effort of thousands on individual contributions to a greater idea of sharing and helping each other to improve. As the community grows, so does the tooling around it, growing on both complexity and size.

A year ago we unveiled the new CocoaPods branding. It was the culmination of 6 months of design and development work for a few volunteers in their spare time. Let's take a look at what else has changed in the last year.

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Starting Open Source

On July the 7th I attended the CocoaHeads Stockholm meetup. For this particular meetup the brilliant, but unknown to me at the time, Orta Therox held a talk about open source, CocoaPods and how they work at Artsy.

For very long time beforehand I had felt that I was not contributing enough back to all the awesome projects that I used daily; CocoaPods being one of them. Orta really inspired me to take the first steps to contribute back. I promptly went home and started working on a issue I found among the CocoaPods issues on GitHub. After finishing that I jumped straight on to another related issue. After a landing a few PRs I was invited to the CocoaPods slack team to discuss further. This post talks about my first steps into contributing back to a large project.

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Physical objects for abstract ephemeral work.

Working on tools is all about levels of abstraction. CocoaPods abstracts away the idea of dealing with the transmission, setup and installation of a Cocoa Library into just pod "FDModel". The bits and pieces behind the internals are just as abstracted away from CocoaPods through ruby gems like Xcodeproj, Molinillo and CLAide.

Devoting time to CocoaPods is not a thank-less task, those who have become known for their work on CocoaPods have vastly improved their Klout score. Being a person who has submitted two or three pull requests probably hasn't though. We want to try and do something to say thanks in a meaningful way. We opted for token of our gratitude in the form of a coin. We'll be getting these sent out to the top 80 contributors to CocoaPods the tool.

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CocoaPods 0.34

TL;DR: CocoaPods 0.34 which includes the work sponsored by SoundCloud has been released. The highlights? Support for scoping Pods per build configuration, declaration of source repositories, and faster downloads.

This release will require making changes to your Podfiles

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pod lib create v2

pod lib create has been our way of trying to encourage standards, and to make it easy to create a new library. Before today it would leave a lot of setup at the developer's discretion. The new version automates a lot of common problems away and starts you with a new library structure. Read on for details.

Or just go straight to the Using Pod Lib Create guide.

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Pod Roulette Hackathon SF Summary

Last Saturday we ran the first CocoaPods hackathon with a great turn out especially considering post-WWDC tiredness.

We ran it based on Pod Roulette, and surprisingly most projects stayed true to the theme. We assigned each team three random Pods which needed to be used in their projects, adding additional Pods was fine, but you had to use each randomly assigned Pod in some fashion.

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