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CocoaPods 0.32

TL;DR: CocoaPod 0.32 is here! It brings a vastly improved update command and a galore of improvements. Including the ability to deprecate pods.

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AppIe Acquires CocoaPods

Update: We hope you enjoyed our April Fools’ day prank! We are still an independent open-source project and fully committed to you, our users. In case it wasn’t completely clear to you, you may have thought that this post mentions a big well-known technology company, however, it in fact mentions ‘Appie’, which –with our sans-serif font– looks different when spelled with a capital ‘I’ ;) Appie is Eloy’s dog, we are not sure whether or not this prank was planned years ahead…

Big news, everybody! AppIe* has finally acquired CocoaPods.

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CocoaPods 0.31

TL;DR: The bug bash has been a massive success: all the tickets have been triaged at least once, almost 80 were closed, with 16 Pull Requests sent to fix or enhance CocoaPods. The result? CocoaPods 0.31!

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CocoaPods 0.30

TL;DR: CocoaPods 0.30 dramatically reduces setup time & download size, introduces compatibility adjustments for Xcode 5.1 and the Rainforest!

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CocoaPods Bug Bash

With the announcement that Fabio will be working full time on CocoaPods (thanks SoundCloud!) for three months, we looked for ways to get the most bang for our buck on his time. In true Open Source style we looked at ways of getting people to help out cleaning out the GitHub issues.

We then looked for interesting incentives, and we have some compelling icing on the proverbial cake.

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Guides and Blog Deploys with Travis-CI

TL;DR Both the Guides and Blog now auto-deploy when we push to master.

We are always looking for ways to make contributing to CocoaPods easier, and a quick win for us is auto-deploying the guides and blog. Now any member of the team can accept a PR, and Travis will deploy the changes within minutes.

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Cocoa Komittee - NYC

One should avoid repeating oneself. New York City is where we started running Cocoa Kuchas last year and whilst there's a lot more stories to tell here it's time to move on.

This month we will be hosting a panel on iOS Testing. Find out more inside.

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Repairing Our Broken Specs Repository

Unfortunately we've encountered a bug in libgit2 and we are going to have to force push into the Specs repository. (Also known as the ‘master’ spec repo.)

What does this mean for you?

Well, basically your CocoaPods setup is going to break. You are going to have to manually delete any local copies of the Specs repository and re-clone the new version of the Specs repository. You can do that with the following commands:

    $ sudo rm -fr ~/.cocoapods/repos/master
    $ pod setup

NOTE 1: If you have any local commits or changes to the Specs repository which are not merged, you should ensure you have a copy of them. I would recommend that you manually copy these changes over and re-commit them. You can fix your repository without deleting, however, this is not a simple process, so we are instead recommending that you delete your copy of the Specs repository and any forks of it.

NOTE 2: In case you are storing private podspecs in your clone of the Specs repository or you have a private spec repo that was forked from the Specs repository, this is a great time to clean that up by using private spec repositories The Proper Way. This way your private spec repository should never be affected by issues in other spec repositories.

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