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CocoaPods 1.7.0 Beta!

CocoaPods 1.7.0 expands heavily on the improved underlying infrastructure of prior releases with support for multiple Swift versions, app specs and more!

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New Service: CocoaPods Metadata generation

This week we shipped a new behind-the-scenes service for CocoaPods authors: cocoapods-metadata-service it handles a subset of CocoaDocs responsibilities but does not have the requirement of running on a Mac. This makes it easier for us to maintain.

It's been almost a year since we announced that CocoaDocs was going to be shut down. CocoaDocs' sunsetting was intially slowed down by the team at BuddyBuild offering to take over the project, but the migration wasn't finished before they were acquired by Apple. This means they cannot take over community services.

Instead I've started building out a simpler replacement that handles just the needs of the website. Read on to find out what that looks like.

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CocoaDocs documentation sun-setting

TL;DR: CocoaDocs will stop generating DocSets for new libraries and versions using CocoaPods towards the end of May.

I started CocoaDocs back in February 2013, and have been running and maintaining it for the last 4 years. CocoaDocs started as a way to generate documentation for Objective-C projects via Appledoc. When Swift came out, Jazzy support was added to the app. Since then, CocoaDocs has grown organically over the years into a tool to generate useful metadata for any CocoaPods library used in the website.

I intend to remove the support for generating HTML pages and DocSets for new libraries uploaded to trunk by the end of May.

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CocoaPods Specs Repo Sharding

In March, CocoaPods hit an unfortunate problem with our Specs Repo being rate limited.

We announced that we were planning on Sharding the Specs Repo, but were hesitant to do it instantly. Now over six months later we are planning on running the scripts.

  • If you are using CocoaPods 1.x - you should not see any changes.
  • If you are using CocoaPods 0.39 and below, you will see an error saying that your version of CocoaPods is not supported. Previous to this, our minimum version was 0.32.

For people who want to continue using 0.x versions, we will be replicating the Specs repo from the commit before the repo was sharded. This means you can add:

source ""

To the top of your Podfile, and CocoaPods will only use the archived repo, instead of using the new repo structure. You will also need to set your local Specs repo to a version before the transition:

cd ~/.cocoapods/repos/master/
git fetch origin master
git checkout v0.32.1

To run pod install, you will also need to use --no-repo-update.

We do not have the resources to maintain multiple versions of CocoaPods in our spare time, and so we recommend that instead of doing the above, you migrate to the latest versions of CocoaPods in your projects.

We are planning to do it on Friday November the 11th, so there will be scheduled downtime on pushing new Pods to Trunk during the process of updating and verifying that it was successful.