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CocoaPods is a dependency manager only in the sense that Apple is a cell phone manufacturer – it’s just one of their many projects.

-- Ash Furrow - Building Online Communities

Last year, around this time, I started an annual write-up for CocoaPods. A lot happens in a project with 10 relatively active developers, and a lot of very welcome drive-by contributors.

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Introducing: Creme de la Pods

TL;DR: You could always find out what was new with @CocoaPodsFeed and Now you can see new CocoaPods that have a QI score of over 70 on @CremeDeLaPods.

Keeping on top of the community's work is a challenge, with ~13,500 CocoaPods available and roughly 20 new pods every day. We work on CocoaPods to encourage contributions to OSS. A by-product of this is that if you follow the whole stream of new CocoaPods, it can get hard to distinguish between "my first library" and "an awesome paradigm swift."

I have taken a stab at solving this problem, by trying to select the best pods by their Quality Index. The first time we run documentation parsing for a Pod, if that Pod's QI is over 70 then CocoaDocs will send out a tweet on the @CremeDeLaPods twitter feed, with the exact same formatting as @CocoaPodsFeed.

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Capital One

I'm incredibly excited to announce that as of today my work on CocoaPods will be sponsored by Capital One.

What does this mean? It means that Capital One is stepping up to support continued development on CocoaPods and I will be able to focus on CocoaPods work while finishing university.

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Running SSH Commands via Rakefiles

TL;DR: CocoaDocs' commands which used to be executed via logging in are now done via rake commands.

CocoaDocs runs a lot of CocoaPods' infrastructure. It is the workhorse that allows us to provide rendered READMEs/CHANGELOGs, QIs and status updates.

I have been manually sshing in to the server to execute commands for a few years, and it's a bit of a chore. Over time though, I became used to this. As more people were starting to help out in maintaining CocoaDocs, it became obvious that it needed to change from being dark arcane knowledge to easy -discoverable- commands.

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CocoaPods Stats

People have been asking for years about feedback on how many downloads their libraries have. We've been thinking about the problem for a about as long too, and finally ended up asking Segment if they would provide a backend for the project.

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After our awesome State of the Union, I pushed the new version of the CocoaPods website to Heroku. It comes with a bunch of new features, some new pages and a few interface tweaks, let's go through what's new.

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2015 CocoaPods State of the Union

Apple have their annual WWDC keynote and Developer State of the Union. We have ours. We're planning a great opening event to WWDC week: The CocoaPods Alt State of the Union. You should join us, and hear about what's happened in CocoaPods in the past year, and what's to come in the next.

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