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Test Jam 2015

Over the weekend over 150 people met up in meetups, and many joined online, to try and improve the foundational libraries that the Cocoa community rely on. We made more than 30 pull requests and a lot of people got more exposure to testing in Xcode. Read on for stats.

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Preparations for the Test Jam

The Testjam is this weekend (April 18-19). Let's give as much details as possible:


Location Meetup Page Hosts
New York City CocoaPods NYC Orta Therox, Ash Furrow at Artsy HQ
San Francisco CocoaPods SF Samuel Giddins, Kyle Fuller at Realm HQ
Minsk, Belarus CocoaHeadsBy Aliaksandr Andrashuk, Yana Poteeva at 9elements
London NSLondon Daniel Haight, Raimon Lapuente at Facebook
Durham, NC NSCoder Josh Johnson at American Underground
Seattle, WA Working together Kai Curtis at Substantial

Don't worry if you don't live in a big city, we'll all be online, follow through to find out the details.

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Automating Everything

A few nights ago, I put out a release of CocoaPods that was unable to actually download new pods. Hoping to learn from that mistake, I turned to automation to ensure the team would never make the same mistake again.

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CocoaPods 0.36 - Framework and Swift Support

TL;DR: CocoaPods 0.36 has been released, with the long-awaited support for Frameworks and Swift.

CocoaPods 0.36 adds support for dynamic frameworks, and with that it also brings enhanced support for dependencies using Apple's new programming language, Swift. This has been one of the largest singular changes in CocoaPods, affecting almost all of CocoaPods' subsystems such as Xcodeproj.

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Test Jam

Last year, around this time, we ran a Bug Bash over a weekend. It went beautifully. We triaged a whole lot of issues, got a lot of minor issues fixed and found some new members for the core team.

Not ones to repeat ourselves, we’ve begun preparations on the next big community event. It’s a test jam, and everyone is invited.

TLDR/Elevator Pitch: If the community is going to move towards Swift, then let’s make sure that our Objective-C is in order by adding tests to established libraries.

Find out more below.

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The captain leaves the bridge

TL:DR I've had a fantastic 5 years making CocoaPods what it is today, but now it is time to care for my other babies: my new job, my house boat, and my actual baby!!! I will still work on CocoaPods, but not as much. Thank you all for a great 5 years!

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Pod Authors Guide to CocoaPods Frameworks

TL;DR: CocoaPods 0.36 will bring the long-awaited support for Frameworks and Swift. It isn't released and considered stable yet, but a beta is now available for everyone via [sudo] gem install cocoapods --pre. Pod authors will especially want to try this version to make sure their pods will work with the upcoming release. This is because if a single dependency in a user's project requires being a framework, then your Pod will also become a framework.

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