2015 CocoaPods State of the Union
San Francisco
8th June 2015

Apple have their annual WWDC keynote and Developer State of the Union. We have ours. We're planning a great opening event to WWDC week: The CocoaPods Alt State of the Union. You should join us, and hear about what's happened in CocoaPods in the past year, and what's to come in the next.

It's become an annual tradition for CocoaPods to host an event at WWDC, and we want to make this another great one. Last year we ended up with a waiting list almost double the amount we could get in, so we're pulling a leaf out of Apple's book by holding a lottery.

We've got it set up to favour those who have contributed to the core CocoaPods repos, but registration is open to everyone with a GitHub account. Twilio have graciously offered to host us again this year, June Eighth (Monday) at 6:30 PM, and we can't wait to see you all!

All of the details, as well as the lottery registration link, are available at https://sotu.cocoapods.org/. We'll be closing the lottery and announcing the lucky entrants on Thursday, so hurry up and register!