Capital One

I'm incredibly excited to announce that as of today my work on CocoaPods will be sponsored by Capital One.

What does this mean? It means that Capital One is stepping up to support continued development on CocoaPods and I will be able to focus on CocoaPods work while finishing university.

This sponsorship demonstrates Capital One's commitment not only to CocoaPods, but to the wider open source ecosystem -- they're supporting the creation, maintenance, and improvement of tools used by hundreds of thousands of developers on a daily basis.

I'd be remiss if I didn't mention that Capital One is a great place to work (I'm friends with several of their engineers, and they're some of the smartest and most experienced iOS developers I know), and they're hiring engineers in Northern Virginia and SF. If you believe in supporting open source and building apps that change how people interact with their money, you should drop them a line by sending @louielouie a Direct Message on Twitter.

I'm extraordinarily happy to be able to redouble my efforts on CocoaPods and that I can do so in lieu of taking up other work is entirely thanks to Capital One.

Now, back to our regularly scheduled CocoaPods 1.0 development -- and thanks again to the generous folks at Capital One for making it possible for me to do so!