Cocoa Kucha 3 Berlin
22nd Jan 2014

And just like that the next Cocoa Kucha was declared. As part of a world-wide community outreach program I've been in talks with Chris Eidhof and Engin Kurutepe about running a Cocoa Kucha with the CocoaHeads Berlin.

Like with the other Kuchas, this meetup is in the style of Pecha Kucha where there are 8 speakers doing short talks related to Objective-C for 6 minutes and 20 seconds. The speaker must go though 20 slides, 20 seconds per slide. This keeps them to the point and makes it a lot easier for people to get started.

As the timeframe for the event is smaller than I normally plan, I'd like to open the doors to speakers. We accept pull requests including yourself on the roster. Like most CocoaHead Berlin events is hosted at CodeKollektiv and starts at 19h. Add it to your kalendar.

Currently confirmed for the 22nd:

  • Claudiu-Vlad Ursache Claudiu-Vlad Ursache - @ursachec - About his work on Tor on iOS.
  • Robb Böhnke Robb Böhnke - @ceterum_censeo - What's coming in Mantle 2.0
  • Wojtek Czekalski Wojtek Czekalski [voy•tech check•all•ski] - @wczekalski - I have created a popular open source project. And I hate it.
  • Florian Hanke Florian Hanke - @hanke
  • Boris Bügling Boris Bügling - @NeoNacho - Xcode plugins
  • Jens Ravens Jens Ravens - @JensRavens - Meteor, Realtime APIs and CoreData

Florian Hanke is one of the CocoaPods Dev team, he is the man responsible for the search API and has been collaborating with me on all aspects on the website. I'm really excited to both meet him for the first time & see him talk.

You can keep up to date by either watching my organization issue, or by keeping track on the CocoaHeads google group.