CocoaPods 0.30

TL;DR: CocoaPods 0.30 dramatically reduces setup time & download size, introduces compatibility adjustments for Xcode 5.1 and the Rainforest!

Smarter Setup

Sometimes the small changes have the biggest impact. Folks with slow interwebs, rejoice! Because this patch contributed by Jeff Verkoeyen will prevent the download of the history of the master repo during setup and consequently will dramatically reduce the download size (from >200MB to roughly 3.5MB). Nippy.

Xcode 5.1

Finally we can say bye bye (at least until the next update of Xcode) to that pesky warning about updating the build settings of the Pods thanks to Romans Karpelcevs. Additionally, the file references of frameworks have been fixed to work on Xcode 5.1.


If you are a CocoaPods contributor or if you plan to hack on it, this new repo will definitely interest you. Rainforest is the home of CocoaPods development and makes setup of the CocoaPods dependencies as it should have always been: super simple!

$ git clone
$ cd Rainforest
$ rake bootstrap
$ rake local_dependencies_set
$ CocoaPods/bin/pod --version

And now lets experiment with some real hacking:

$ sed -i '' 's/UI.puts VERSION/UI.puts "#{VERSION} Hacked!"/' CocoaPods/lib/cocoapods/command.rb
$ CocoaPods/bin/pod --version
0.30.0 Hacked!


Other Improvements

This release is decorated with minor touches all around the way, from word wrapping help banners to the terminal width to saving in the Podfile the name of the project in pod init.

  • Mike Walker improved robustness against spaces and quotes in paths.
  • banjun added support to ignore SVN externals.
  • Kyle Fuller added support for the docset_url attribute.
  • Piet Brauer added the support for the specification of a template URL for the pod lib create command.
  • Carson McDonald had been on fire and added a bunch of missing tests – let me sneak in a personal thanks to him – to CocoaPods.


To install the last release of CocoaPods you can run:

$ [sudo] gem install cocoapods

Until version 1.0 we strongly encourage you to keep CocoaPods up to date.

For all the details, don't miss the Changelog.