CocoaPods 0.31

TL;DR: The bug bash has been a massive success: all the tickets have been triaged at least once, almost 80 were closed, with 16 Pull Requests sent to fix or enhance CocoaPods. The result? CocoaPods 0.31!

The CocoaPods Bug Bash

  4 meetups world wide, 
  33 people, 
  16 pull requests, 
  6  claimed issues still being worked on, 
  86 issues confirmed as existing, 
  55 closed issues, and a total of 428 triage actions by participants.

We managed to raise the number of participants in the CocoaPods dev tools to over 170 contributors. With the top contributor Neonichu submitting 9 PRs, and still finding time to contribute to other projects during the weekend. Mind-blowing.

Things new to CocoaPods

  • Laurent Sansonetti Ordered the output of pods correctly when versions went over two digits in the pod spec commands.

  • Richard Lee made linter checks if your homepage works so you won't accidentally link to the wrong place, on top of that he made sure that when running pod install on Travis CI it runs with the right shell encoding.

  • Robert Zuber wrapped up Stefan Damm's PR to include the versions of the Pods to the output of pod list.

  • Marc Boquet Unset the CDPATH env variable before shelling-out to prepare_command.

The most important fix

For all the other fixes, check the Changelog.


To install the last release of CocoaPods you can run:

$ [sudo] gem install cocoapods

Until version 1.0 we strongly encourage you to keep CocoaPods up to date.

For all the details, don't miss the Changelog.