Physical objects for abstract ephemeral work.

Working on tools is all about levels of abstraction. CocoaPods abstracts away the idea of dealing with the transmission, setup and installation of a Cocoa Library into just pod "FDModel". The bits and pieces behind the internals are just as abstracted away from CocoaPods through ruby gems like Xcodeproj, Molinillo and CLAide.

Devoting time to CocoaPods is not a thank-less task, those who have become known for their work on CocoaPods have vastly improved their Klout score. Being a person who has submitted two or three pull requests probably hasn't though. We want to try and do something to say thanks in a meaningful way. We opted for token of our gratitude in the form of a coin. We'll be getting these sent out to the top 80 contributors to CocoaPods the tool.

Turns out a friend from my old hometown has started up a company selling custom metalwork objects. When I was over last they let me share their office and showed me some beautiful pieces they had been making. I knew this was the perfect answer to the question I had been thinking about for a while "How can we give something back?".

Most commits from people outside of the top 15 are people scratching their own itches. Annoyed at the tool they use isn't quite working how they'd like. For a lot it's their first entry into writing ruby code. The dev team guides and helps out as much as possible but it still took someone to take the first step on their own. Our selection process for the top 80 isn't even that strict, if you submitted a lot of grammar and spelling fixes to the websites you've also made a really useful contribution to the community. It helped.