Cool URIs don't change.

TL;DR: We broke some URIs but this is how we ensure people still get the info they were looking for.

To try and simplify where you can find CocoaPods documentation we deprecated in favour of and there will be further subsites with different focuses. To ensure a smooth transition I built a small sinatra app that might be of use to other people.

Whilst not entirely living up to the W3C dream of the content changing but the URI not changing I felt a system of smart HTTP 302 permanent redirects would work quite elegantly for our system. Previously we had a static site that was held on github pages, this meant we had no ability to do true redirects, only HTMLs property <meta http-equiv="refresh">. This is a sledgehammer approach to redirects and we wanted to use a smaller tool.

So I brought out ruby, the language CocoaPods is built in and created a small app using sinatra that can be used to make a map of URLs to redirect to. Luckily there were not that many pages in the docs and we had equivilent pages in the guides. This is then turned into a heroku app and made to be the new silently redirecting people to the new website with the same information they were looking for.

require 'sinatra'

NEW_URL = ""
  "/" => "/",

  # References
  "/podfile.html" => "/syntax/podfile.html",
  "/specification.html"=> "/syntax/podspec.html",
  "/commands.html"=> "/terminal/commands.html",

  # Guides
  "/guides/philosophy.html"=> "/using/faq.html",
  "/guides/installing_cocoapods.html" => "/using/getting-started.html",
  "/guides/dependency_versioning.html" => "/using/the-podfile.html",
  "/guides/closed_source_pods.html" => "/making/private-cocoapods.html",
  "/guides/working_with_teams.html" => "/making/private-cocoapods.html",
  "/guides/contributing_to_the_master_repo.html" => "/making/specs-and-specs-repo.html",
  "/guides/creating_and_maintaining_a_pod.html" => "/making/specs-and-specs-repo.html#how-do-i-update-an-existing-pod?",
  "/guides/creating_your_own_repository.html" => "/making/private-cocoapods.html",

  # Gem specifics should be handled by rubydoc 
  "/cocoapods/*" => "",
  "/cocoapods_core/*" => "",
  "/xcodeproj/*" => "",
  "/claide/*" => "",
  "/cocoapods_downloader/*" => ""

ROUTES.each_key do |key|

  # Create a sinatra route for each key, check if it's value starts with http
  # and either redirect to the new site with the same query.

   get key do
     if (ROUTES[key][0..3] == "http") 
       redirect ROUTES[key], 302
       url = NEW_URL + ROUTES[key] + request.query_string
      redirect url, 302

 # If we've missed anything just go to the root of the new URL

 error Sinatra::NotFound do
   redirect NEW_URL + request.query_string