Pod Roulette Hackathon SF Summary

Last Saturday we ran the first CocoaPods hackathon with a great turn out especially considering post-WWDC tiredness.

We ran it based on Pod Roulette, and surprisingly most projects stayed true to the theme. We assigned each team three random Pods which needed to be used in their projects, adding additional Pods was fine, but you had to use each randomly assigned Pod in some fashion.

Here's what we ended up with:

  • StickyHeaderFlowLayoutFiltersSortDescriptorWilsonRank, dubbed the Instagram of beatboxing by @topwobble and team. Source on GitHub and Audio Snippet.

  • PullToRefreshPopperToolsImageDownloader, an Imgur Roulette app by @alexdaukrainian and team. Source on GitHub and Video.

  • InterfaCSSStatusBarBlurryTableViewController, a MultiPeerConnectivity enabled app by @orta and team. Source on GitHub. Orta also worked on an iOS 8 keyboard, for offering quick access to popular animated GIFs.

  • GtmHttpFetcherCoreLinkCocoa, an app for remote controlling a PJLink-enabled projector with your Pebble by @hbehrens and team. Source will be available after cleanup.

Apart from those fun projects, we even got some useful stuff as well:

Thanks a lot to Layer for hosting the event and graciously providing food and drinks!