Test Jam 2015

Over the weekend over 150 people met up in meetups, and many joined online, to try and improve the foundational libraries that the Cocoa community rely on. We made more than 30 pull requests and a lot of people got more exposure to testing in Xcode. Read on for stats.

The jam ran over a 14 hour timespan from 12pm GMT to 6pm PST. We had an active IRC with random banter and people asking useful questions. Twitter too.


Every meetup had the freedom to run it however they like, ranging from two people in a room to speakers known for their testing prowess. Interestingly enough, both talked about adding tests to untested code. Hint: you might be interested in their source material: Working Effectively with Legacy Code

As the organiser, I can't be happy enough with how it went. The NYC event helped a lot of people actually start testing. It helped me start to use code coverage as a metric for libraries. It's super easy to add. Hopefully events like this move the baseline of expectations forward a little bit. 👍

If you're interested in doing community work with CocoaPods we're always interested in working with more people on ideas like this. You can get in touch with us via [email protected] ( this goes to Kyle, Samuel, Eloy and myself.)