pod lib create v2

pod lib create has been our way of trying to encourage standards, and to make it easy to create a new library. Before today it would leave a lot of setup at the developer's discretion. The new version automates a lot of common problems away and starts you with a new library structure. Read on for details.

Or just go straight to the Using Pod Lib Create guide.

Rather than explain what it does, which the guide does a better job of, I want to show the end result:

  1. You can edit your Podspec metadata, like the README and Library Podspec in Xcode.
  2. There is an automatically generated project with your own Prefix settings.
  3. Extremely easy to start writing library tests, we include stubs for Specta/Expecta and Kiwi.
  4. Your library is set up as a Development Pod.
  5. We include some useful Pods for bootstrapping your project.

This update is available today because of how Fabio built templates to allow for custom repos, and it definitely accepts pull requests and issues.