Pod Roulette Hackathon
San Francisco
7th June 2014

Have you heard of pod-roulette? If not, here's their elevator pitch:

Just moved to the big city, got a seed investment but don't have an idea what to do next?

Pod Roulette will find three random pods and prepare a project for you in a few seconds.

After seeing this project, we knew that there should be a hackathon using this.

And now there is: right after WWDC, on Saturday, June 7th 2014, we will meet at 10am and hack on our randomly determined projects until 5pm, then there will be presentations from 6pm to 7pm. Of course you can also come around and hack on something else, for example we can set you up with getting started to contribute to CocoaPods itself.

The hackathon will be hosted at Layer HQ, which can be reached by a short bus ride from Moscone. They will be graciously providing lunch, dinner and drinks - thanks!

Join our meetup group and RSVP online.

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