Preparations for the Test Jam

The Testjam is this weekend (April 18-19). Let's give as much details as possible:


Location Meetup Page Hosts
New York City CocoaPods NYC Orta Therox, Ash Furrow at Artsy HQ
San Francisco CocoaPods SF Samuel Giddins, Kyle Fuller at Realm HQ
Minsk, Belarus CocoaHeadsBy Aliaksandr Andrashuk, Yana Poteeva at 9elements
London NSLondon Daniel Haight, Raimon Lapuente at Facebook
Durham, NC NSCoder Josh Johnson at American Underground
Seattle, WA Working together Kai Curtis at Substantial

Don't worry if you don't live in a big city, we'll all be online, follow through to find out the details.

To recap:

TLDR/Elevator Pitch: If the community is going to move towards Swift, then let’s make sure that our Objective-C is in order by adding tests to established libraries.

We have picked out 200 pods without tests, or with very low test coverage, ordered by popularity. These are assigned randomly to interested contributors. They then will aim to:

  • Add tests to the library.
  • Add Continuous Integration.
  • Add Code Coverage support.
  • Submit a Pull Request to the original repo.

We have already contacted all of the library authors letting them know that this is happening and that it would be cool for them participate. Some authors have written issues stating how they would like to have tests set up.

How it works

We will be focused on trying to improve existing tooling, but this does not mean that we will not be supportive for anyone taking the time to add tests to their own libraries. This is a great time to devote a day or two to improving your own libraries surrounded by people who are in a similar mindset. It will be the perfect time to ask questions in a community. We will be running the chat room based on the Social Rules of the Recurse Center. We're aiming to have a fun space for people to get started with testing.

We will be using IRC to chat, and to interact with our bot. We will be keeping stats inside a web page on

If you are new to IRC, you can connect either via Limechat (Mac App Store), a web-IRC adaptor or any client of your choice. We will be using the channel #cocoapods and the CocoaPods Test Jam page will have information on how to get started.

Here's a collection of useful links around the Jam and Testing in general: