SoundCloud Announcement

Photo by Luis Ascorbe

In the words of SoundCloud's Developer Evangelist Erik Michaels-Ober:

Our iOS team uses CocoaPods every day to manage the dependencies of our mobile apps. We hope that will lead to improvements that benefit the entire Mac and iOS developer ecosystem.

This means that I will be able to work full-time on CocoaPods for 3 months. I'm very excited by this and I plan to release at least one major feature each month. In addition I will take advantage of this great opportunity to iron out minor issues and refactor parts of our core, to ensure a solid basis going forward.

As requirements always change I won't go into specifics about them at this moment. However, as work progresses I will keep you up-to-date with blog posts about the specific features. We think you will like them!

Eloy and I are very thankful to SoundCloud, Travis, and the great people there that share our passion and for helping us to help you.