CocoaPods AltLabs
San Francisco
5th June 2014

It's been a busy week, with the introduction of Trunk and CocoaPods 0.33. We're delighted to announce another event in San Francisco, this time it's AltLabs, a labs session dedicated to CocoaPods. Special thanks goes to AltConf for hosting the session.

The labs session will give you a perfect opportunity to come along and meet some of the team behind CocoaPods. We will be able to assist you on any issues you have with CocoaPods along with migrating your pods to the brand new trunk system. Our session will also allow you to get help setting up a development environment and making your first contribution to CocoaPods.

Since we have a lot going on during WWDC, I'm going to take this opportunity to give you a quick reminder of all the events we are hosting so you don't miss out:

The session will be hosted at Jillian's which is right across the street from both AltConf and Moscone West. So you have absolutely no excuse not to pop over if you are in San Francisco for either events.

Join our meetup group and RSVP online.

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