CocoaPods 3rd WWDC Meetup: 2nd June 2014

Apple have their developers state of the union address. We have ours. We're working with the Alt Conference to have a great opening event to the WWDC week: The CocoaPodsAlt State of the Union. You should come along.

CocoaPods is a dependency manager for Objective-C, it makes it very easy for people to use open source code or to share code between multiple apps elegantly. It's become an annual tradition now for CocoaPods to host an event at WWDC, we want to make this another great one.

There will be a keynote by Orta Therox with both Eloy Durán and Fabio Pelosin skyping in to assist. We will go through some of the large changes that are happening behind the scenes in CocoaPods, show-off some new things and talk about future plans.

We will also have a large contingent of the CocoaPods dev team giving some talks on some of the work they've been doing around the community:

We were planning on hosting it at 7:00pm and should be over by around 10:00pm, this should give everyone chance to then move on to some of the late night parties that will be happening around San Francisco. The meetup will be hosted at the Twilio offices, who are just a short walk away from the Moscone Center. They will be graciously providing both food & beer.

Join our meetup group and RSVP online.

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